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  • An idiot scammer

    Seeing as how things are rather slow around here....

    I first came across this lad in January 2018
    January 24, 2018
    Dear William
    How are you doing Mr William today anyway got your contact from one female refuge in police detection, i am Barrister Jeff Emuegba from Republic of Ghana this morning i went and see my client Merry Osman in police detection, she told me that you asked her to take an agreement with you first before you can send money for her bail, under normal circumstances she suppose to undertake some paper work with you before you send the money, but the cops will not allow her to do that because of security reason, regardless of what happens or the offense she committed, how it happens and whether it should be disclosed, this forum is essential to the proper running of the system. It is neither efficient, proper or productive to have these discussions in open court. one controversy is should you do a settlement conference, for example, with a judge who is going to be the fact finder in a non-jury bench trial?

    Wherever i set my eyes on her i have remorse for her because she came from far country South Sudan, i guarantee you when you send the money across to me i will bail her out with the land cruiser jeep successfully

    Best Regards
    Barr Jeff Emuegba

    I demanded a contract and got the following


    The SCAM was put there by me. Never post something that a scammer can re-use, although this one is a piss poor effort. The idiot couldn’t even get the RSOT (Red Seal of Truth) right. It is supposed to look like a stamp, not a big red circle.

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    Just what the fuck is that supposed to be? Did your momma smoke a lot of crack when she was pregnant with you because you have got to be the dumbest fuck I have ever encountered. I informed Miss Merry that I do not wish to deal with you anymore. So you are fired.

    you are crazy white monkey

    You are retarded Pink Flamingo and you are fired

    this young girl is languishing in prison send the money to bail her out

    Fuck you you are fired you chief! I will pay the money to the police directly. You are a crook.

    It should be pointed out that calling him a chief instead of a thief was done on purpose. For whatever reason the lads like to use “chief” instead of “thief.”

    Silence. I figured we were done, and good riddance. Stupid lads are difficult to deal with. Then on September 24, 2019 I get the following from him:

    please you receive new consignment boxes over there in your country because i rescue one refuge from court yesterday with 2 boxes

    That’s 18 months since our last email. That’s not unusual, as once a lad gets hold of an email address he will sometimes send out various scams for years. The odd thing was that instead of sending out a new email with a new topic he just continued the thread we had going.

    What do you need from me?

    i want you to receive the little boy funds in your country okay

    What little boy?

    i rescue the little boy and the two consignment from high court of justice so i want you to receive his funds over there in your country because two head is better than on

    I like that plan

    finally i went and meet one engineer Louise Bentley to duplicate the keys to get the boxes opened, he charged me $1500 after he has scan the boxes spendable funds and risk free, i want both of us to put head together and raise the money

    Brilliant plan! Why did he charge so much money though? I think you were ripped off.

    please which country did you came from because i want both of us to work together to get things done amicable, anyway the engineer told me that the boxes is made in Germany that is while he charged us that amount of money

    Ah, it’s a German box. That’s why it costs so much

    I am in the USA. Germans build good cars. But their boxes ain't worth shit. Why don't you just take a hammer and crack the sucker open?

    there is noway you can crack those boxes with hammer or other object because the boxes is made in Germany, please tried to understand me, kindly send the money to get them open okay

    Yes, I do believe I understand now. When it comes to boxes nobody makes them stronger than the Germans. If you give me your address I will send you a check for the money.

    We go back and forth with him wanting Western Union or Moneygram. I finally tell him that I can do a bank transfer

    Dear Sir
    You know i scan the boxes and the result came out positive spendable funds, actually according to the boy explanation the two boxes contain $6 million U S dollars

    This is the account information bellow

    Name; Fidelity Bank Limited

    Account name; sxxxxxx bright xxxx

    Account number;xxxxxxxx

    Shift code; fblighac

    Branch spintex road accra

    I will go to the bank on Friday and make the payment.

    I let some time pass. Time enough to get the bank account closed down. I expected an angry email asking me why I did not transfer the money.

    Hello my good friend. Has the engineer got the box unlocked yet? Kindly advise.

    the engineer want to duplicate the keys because he scan them already

    i am guaranteeing you as soon as the boxes is open i will remit to you
    straight through any source of transfers

    Wtf? I was expecting an angry email from him telling me that he did not get the money. My opinion at this point is that he is an idiot who works for someone higher up the food chain (an Oga). I am pretty sure he works out of an internet café, as his emails all come about the same time every day. I have no clue how he got a bank account, unless his Oga provided it to him thinking I was a real client.

    Hello my friend

    Two things - First, you take way too long to get back to me. I sent the $1500usd and then heard nothing from you. It is imperative that you keep me up to date on all that is going on.
    Second - Why in the world would the Engineer want to make duplicate copies of the keys. Just have him open the damn box. That's what we paid him for. Do you need me to reach out to the Engineer and let him know who the boss is? This type of behavior is unacceptable.

    A very upset
    William J. Penfold

    Dear Honorable
    I we always update you in time now moreover the engineer want to duplicate the keys for security reason because the boxes Germany boxes is electrified, if he use other source like striking it, it will cause damage to the funds

    The engineer has experience to get it done

    Electrified German Lock boxes? Damn, those Germans sure do cover all their bases.

    Your answer makes no sense. I paid $1500usd to have the damn keys made for the box. Why would he have to strike it? He has the keys. Send me the email address of the German engineer at once.

    So confused
    William J. Penfold

    To be continued
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      Not going to post all the email exchanges as they are rather boring. I demanded the engineer's contact info and have been communicating with him. Red = Barrister, Blue = me, Green = Engineer

      (Keep in mind that the Barrister and the Engineer are the same lad playing two different characters.)

      Please i am sorry to ask you this questions, when did you send the money

      I sent it last Friday like I told you I would. Have you not received it yet? Do you want me to check with my bank?

      i hope you have the payment slims

      No I do not have any payment slims. Why would I?

      if you went and deposit money in someone account they most give you payment slims, you haven't pay the money

      I went to the bank yesterday and the money has not been taken out of my account yet. When I asked the manager why he said something about the the bank account you gave me being red flagged, whatever that means. Are you a criminal?

      Insolent, please i don't understand what you are talking about dude moreover i can see you don't go to any bank for payment at all, i we send the boy and the noses away from my compound because you are not ready to work cordially with me


      i gave you a lot of respect while are you cruel to me
      (I dunno. Maybe because you are a piece of shit internet scammer? Just saying….)

      No. You give me a bank account that is not red flagged.

      why are you kidding with such great opportunity then send the money through another source because there many ways to send money to Africa, send through other source okay

      this how the source

      1 western union
      2 world remit
      3 money gram
      4 ria
      6 small world

      you have all theses network in the U S

      this is the boy email address and his name

      [email protected]

      What happened to 5?

      No you give me a bank account that is not red flagged.

      At this point I am communicating with his engineer characterand we have agreed to cut the lawyer out of the picture

      we advice you to send the money through other transfer agency because the lawyer told me that his account is still valid, please complied with him okay

      Well the lawyer is a liar. I told you I will not deal with the lawyer and will only transfer the money via bank transfer to a bank account that has not been RED FLAGGED for terrorism. I do not trust this lawyer and I don't think you should either. Let's just handle this between the two of us okay?

      Good day Mr William, surprise surprise this morning the young man that the lawyer bailed from court brought the two boxes to me to hid them, however he asked me not to disclose his whereabouts to the lawyer for security reason, when the lawyer called me on phone around 11am this morning about the whereabouts of the young man, i told him i haven't heard from him at all, i went and lodge the young man in one hotel in down town

      Now both of us can run the transaction together as a partner because the man is scare of the lawyer

      Oh my goodness that is wonderful wonderful news. The boy is right to be scared of the lawyer. The lawyer sent me an email and he sounded very upset that the boy had gone missing. I don't think this so called lawyer is really a lawyer at all but might be a terrorist. When I tried to send him the money to get the box open my bank told me that the bank account he provided had been red flagged and fortunately for me the transaction did not go through. Please make sure that the boy is not alone as I am afraid the lawyer will try to find him and hurt him. Are you sure the boy is safe where he is now? I do not want this evil lawyer to find him.

      So what is the plan now?

      Mr William
      My honorable partner the boy is very safe in where i kept him for now, apparently i lodge him in a hotel very far from where i am for security reason, i kept the boxes very safe in my compound and the lawyer cannot trace the boy anymore, i paid two week down in the hotel very big amount of money, i will advice you to pay the $1500 to my friend account in U S so that he can send the money down on Monday to able me fabricate the keys to our taste because the boxes is made Germany with hard meters, the scan is perfect bona fide

      Please give me your phone number to reach you for update

      Engineer Louise Bentley

      My good friend.
      No phone number for security reasons. I think email is the safest bet. I am glad to hear that the boy is safe but this lawyer is a slimy bastard and I am afraid he will move heaven and earth to find the boy. Simply keeping the boy out of town will not be sufficient I think.

      Give me your friend's bank account information and I will wire the money.

      Be safe my friend!

      Dear Sir
      My friend just sent me the account details 30 minute ago kindly send it today okay

      this is the information bellowed

      Bank name: TD Bank NA
      Bank Address: 6000 Atrium Way Mount Laurel, NJ, 08054
      Acc Name: xxxxx Trading
      Current Account num: yyyyyyyy
      Swift for International Wires : zzzzzz
      Routing num Wires: yyyyyyyy

      Please after sending send the payment slims along to me

      I love how he keeps referring to the “payment slim.” The really bizarre thing is that from what I can tell the account name he gave me is a company that filed a 10K with the SEC ten years ago, so I have no clue what is going on. Perhaps his Oga gave him an account? I dunno

      I will do that today my friend. What are we going to do with the boy after the box is open? I received an email from the lawyer and he is very angry and he wants to kill the boy. Wherever you have the boy right now you need to move him okay? I think the lawyer is insane. Start thinking of ways we can make sure the boy is safe once the box is open. I will go to the bank today and send the money.

      Really the layer is insane he came to my company premises this afternoon to view the area, unfortunately for him i hid the boy very far from my location for security reason and you know the boy condemn his sim card there is noway he can reach the boy through phone anymore, when the boxes is open i will measure i send the boy out of this country i have the connection

      Please don't respond to the lawyer again okay, have you send the money

      Followed five minutes later by

      please respond to me urgently with the payment slims

      I will ignore him for a day or two. He is so close to the $1,500 he can taste it. Not sure I can get another bank account at this point, but I have some ideas on other things I can do to make his life miserable.
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        He is getting anxious. Normally this lad emails me once a day at most. Now I am getting bombarded with emails

        The lawyer:
        i know when i arrest the engineer he we provide the stupid boy that i rescued from court, i spend money on him, please did know anything about the boy hideout


        The engineer:
        i am still waiting for you Mr Williams

        Followed 5 minutes later with
        how you okay no more responds

        I will remain silent until tomorrow. He is totally hooked and I should be able to get him to believe anything I tell him.


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          For those of you still following at home.

          The lad was like a kid on Christmas Eve, with visions of $1,500 dancing in his head. When I did not respond and it was obvious the money did not get transferred

          i am highly disappointed in you my friend

          After making him wait I finally respond

          I want that CENSORED lawyer DEAD!!!!!

          What possibly could have happened?

          edit - A quick response
          you refuse to send the money right and i told the boy you are going to send the money on Monday, please forget about the lawyer let us forge ahead

          He will not like my response. There was a reason I was unable to send the money
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            No I TRIED to send the money but ended up getting arrested and put in jail because of the lawyer. The bank told me that MY bank account was red flagged because I tried to send money to a terrorist and all my funds were frozen. I tried explaining to them that I was not aware the bank account I was sending money to belonged to a terrorist but they would not listen. When I kept trying to explain they called the police and had ME arrested for being a terrorist. I spent the night in jail and was just released a few hours ago. I am now on house arrest and facing charges of terrorism because of the lawyer. I want that CENSORED DEAD!

            My friend, you know I would not purposefully let the boy down. I am upset that you would think that. I will find a way to send the money but I also want this CENSORED lawyer killed for screwing up my life. He is insane and pure evil and needs to die.

            he lawyer told me the other that you don't make any attempt to send money to his account, he said you are a liar

            i gave you account in the U S still same behaviors

            How will I get him the money? Will he help me find a hit man to take out the lawyer? How much will the hit man cost? Being on house arrest and having my bank account frozen makes things difficult, but I'm sure we can figure out a way around that little problem.


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              Yes, but the lawyer is insane and his bank account has been tagged for terrorism. What would you expect him to say, that yes, he is a terrorist? The lawyer is lying to you. My bank account has been frozen and I am unable to transfer any funds. Fortunately for us I do not put all my money in the bank. I have $50,000 hidden under my mattress in my home. But I cannot do a bank transfer because of the CENSORED lawyer. Do you understand? I am open to suggestions on how to get you the money. Unfortunately a bank transfer is not an option.

              You can almost taste his tears with this one

              There are many ways to transfer money to Africa you can use world remit or money gram or ria

              i so such relied on you

              Getting into some nsfw language now

              Hey, I don't appreciate your tone. I don't think you realize just how fucked I am here. I am home on house arrest. When they put you on house arrest they make you wear an ankle monitor. Do you know what that means? It means that the only time I am allowed to leave my house is for a medical appointment or to see my lawyer. If I try and leave for any other reason an alarm goes off and I am put back in jail. I am fucked like a five dollar whore. My bank account is frozen, I spent a night in jail, am charged with supporting terrorist activities and am facing what is sure to be a hefty legal bill. All because of the fucking lawyer! And you don't seem to give a shit.

              I want that fucking lawyer DEAD!

              I am trying to get him to suggest a hitman for the lawyer, but he can't seem to follow the breadcrumbs.


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                I thought I might have lost him
                the lawyer really told me that you are a liar without single dime, it;s now i believe the lawyer word

                You believe the word of an insane man over me, your friend? I can't tell you how hurt I feel right now. I had a great plan to get you your money. It was simple, easy and quick. I was even going to throw in a couple thousand dollars for the boy. But you fucked that up, didn't you? Please tell the boy I am sorry. I tried my best. I don't think I want you to email me anymore. You hurt me too bad. .

                Good bye my friend
                William J. Penfold

                p.s. For your lawyers information I have lots of dimes. About 20 million of them if you believe my accountant, and I do. And the vacation homes. And three boats. Four jet skis. One airplane. One yacht. 5 dune buggies. And a partridge in a pare tree.

                That last one made me chortle. I consider myself self-entertaining

                When you are doing business with someone truth matters
                Yes, truth matters.

                I swear on the grave of my dear departed wife that I have been 100% honest with you. I was only doing this to help the boy. I really don't need the money. Please make sure the boy is safe from the lawyer. He really is evil and insane. And tell the boy I am sorry.

                Good bye forever
                William J. Penfold

                My wife is very much alive, so I am good with that one

                It's now i know you are generous intense of the boy welfare, how much can you raise regards the opening because i want both of us to put head together and get things done

                His head is telling him I'm not real, but his greed is getting the better of him.

                edit to add:

                It's not going to be that easy to get my character to play along.

                You hurt my feelings when you accused me of lying and I don't know if I want to work with you anymore. All I wanted to do was help the boy and I ended up getting arrested and thrown in jail and put on house arrest because of it. I think you owe me an apology.

                William J. Penfold

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                  Originally posted by beakumhawks View Post

                  That last one made me chortle. I consider myself self-entertaining
                  The best jokes I tell around the house are for my entertainment only . . . and I enjoy a good eye roll from the 12 year old.


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                    I always read this with the old mystery radio show organ music in my head between exchanges. And Beakum's voice is that narrator


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                      My character lives in Silver Peak Nevada. It's a ghost town whose only resident is a tumbleweed I like to call Kevin. The nice thing though is it does have a zip code (89047) which allows the lads to check online and discover the nearest Western Union is over 200 miles away. I thought about having my character escape house arrest and try to evade the police to make it to a Western Union, but now I'm thinking that there is a shipping company (created by a baiter, with it's own website so the lads can track their shipments) in the same building as my lawyer, so I can hide the cash in some computers and ps4 boxes and ship to him. For some reason the lads get a real woody over ps4's. I need to get the dollar amount to send him up though. $1,500 isn't enough to get him to travel when things go wrong with the shipment (The only thing reliable about the shipping company is their unreliability. They have never, ever successfully delivered a package).


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                        Well, let us know if you need some 5 star Yelp reviews for the shipping company.


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                          ^^ The funny thing is that one of the fake delivery companies constantly points out their "Five Star Customer Service" in emails to the lads. The lads tend to disagree when their package is stranded hundreds of miles from where they live or stolen by a corrupt delivery agent.

                          Surprise, surprise, the boy is sick and needs medication

                          i spend money on the boy everyday intense of feeding and medications including security, okay i am sorry for the hash words, how can you send money to secure the boy

                          My end game here is to get him to travel, but I'm still thinking of subplots with the lawyer I can use

                          Okay, here's the dealeo. As I told you I am only allowed to leave the house to visit my doctor or my lawyer. If I stray from that path my ankle bracelet alerts the police and I am arrested and thrown in a fuck me up the ass jail? Do you understand?

                          My lawyer is in a big office building. Yesterday when I went there I saw a new place had opened up. It is called P- Log, and when I asked them what kind of business they are they said that they are a shipping company like UPS or Federal Express. They said that they deliver packages all over the world. So what I am thinking is you give me an address to ship a package. I will send some computers and other things I have around the house to you but I will hide the cash in the package. Understand?

                          I'm not sure I want to to that though. Even though it would work I am still very angry with you. You don't seem to care about the situation I am in at the moment. I am under house arrest and accused of being a terrorist and you don't seem to care. What are you going to do to help me? Before William helps the boy I think William needs some help himself. So what are you going to do to help me?

                          The mention of computers should get him drooling.


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                            I think he is out of ideas. This lad is lazier than most and really doesn't want to do a damn thing for his money. We have a new character - The boy emails me!

                            Daddy i an Osman Bxllo from South Sudan it's me the lawyer rescue from the court some weeks ago with two consignment boxes, but i don't trust the lawyer anymore that is while i escape from him to the engineer

                            Please work the engineer directly because he care for me a lot


                            So now we have four characters - The lawyer, the Engineer and the Boy (all 3 him) and Penfold (me)

                            Hello my child. You are correct in not trusting the lawyer. He is insane and I believe he wants to kill you.

                            My child I am willing and able to help you but I am in some trouble myself (grownup stuff that you don't to know about) and I need the help of the engineer but he has decided not to communicate with me. Are you still safe? Tell the Engineer that he needs to help me with my problem (he knows of which I speak) before I can help you. Remained blessed.


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                              You really should be a author, and write fiction.