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  • Need a new phone

    Pretty sure my Iphone 7s is on the fritz as is my wife's. And, it's funny how both of ours started going to shit right when the new operating system update was automatically installed (worked perfectly fine prior). I really don't want to switch to a different brand of phone. Is the Iphone XR decent?

    I've always wondered what is the difference of buying a phone at Best Buy vs. buying one at the service provider's store (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)?

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    Don't know much about the XR beyond the screen being a noticeable downgrade from the XS. I went with the XS and really like it. I upgraded from a 5 though, so anything would have been a major improvement.


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      You’re less than 2 months until the new models come out (and existing models get discounted). I’d hold out for that if you can.

      Or you can go for a used X or XS but I’m always a little hesitant. There’s no guarantee the phone is paid off and it could get shut down if it isn’t.

      As far as I know it doesn’t matter where you buy it.