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We have lost two world cruisers so far.

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  • We have lost two world cruisers so far.

    We have had two passengers depart us for that great cruise ship in the sky. A third came close but emergency responders brought this person back.

    This is is what happens when you have 200 some 90+ aged guests. One woman is 97. She spends 8 months a year on the ship. The other four months she goes to one of her several homes.

    The following is a PSA. Take good care of yourself. We have a lot of heavy to obese old people. Most of them are pretty unhappy. The old thin/fit people are having a lot of fun.

    Will do some updates soon. On our way to Darwin.

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    They died doing what they enjoyed, can’t find fault with that.
    None of us will get out of this ol world alive.



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      I think using a Cruise ship as your retirement home is about the most sensible thing ever. Get to see lots of places, have a staff and activities to do all the time. Will medicare pay for it when I get that old?


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        Sometimes people take these cruises knowing they are terminally ill and want to see places they never had a chance to see. It doesn't surprise me that two passengers have died on this cruise. Enjoy life the best that you can and if your final days are doing what you wanted to do and love, then be happy for that person.


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          In honor of Darwin being your next port of call...