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Kickboxing is officially an Olympic sport

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  • Kickboxing is officially an Olympic sport

    Well, it's finally official.

    There are a lot of very happy people across the globe today. The "sport of the future" is finally part of the Olympics.
    Now I have to see if my daughter will want to get back into the ring again now that one of her dream situations is actually starting to roll.

    More on the WAKO website:

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    It's about time.


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      At 48, I've probably missed my window, but this is still the happiest day of my life for my younger peers.


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        kick ass!


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          So I found out more about when kickboxing will actually be in the Olympics. Right now it might make it's first appearance in 2024, but that's up to France. If the games went to Hungary there would have been a very solid chance that kickboxing would have been introduced in 2024. Nobody knows if France will introduce kickboxing for the 2024 games? The next games after 2024 are the 2028 games in Los Angeles. It's at this point where it would look more likely that kickboxing would be added.

          But one really big thing about this announcement is the organization can now receive funding from the government (not a ton, but something is better than nothing). Also, in a state like IL which has its own regulatory sport fighting commission, the Olympic status of the sport over-rides the state commission, thus making it easier to promote the sport and set up shows. This has been one of the biggest hurdles in getting shows set up in some states.