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    Originally posted by robinsonjim View Post

    The Wicker Man was out of print...I'll check back. I sent the first of the Jim Butcher series....if your students like that, let me know (and I agree that they probably will) I bet between Bro Raider and me, we can complete the series. Let us know if the first book finds an audience, OK?
    Someone purchased The Wicker Man as well as the next three in the Jim Butcher series. Just saw they were on the purchased list, but haven't received them yet. We have trimesters instead of semesters, and our first tri is about to end. Because of that, I haven't been checking books out since I won't see most of the same students next trimester. When next tri starts I will give all my students a chance to scour the classroom library for something to read. I'm sure it will end up in the hands of a student. I will let you know what they think. Question: Do you need to read these books in order, or could a student pick up any of them and know what is happening?


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      Originally posted by Joe Norris View Post
      jayhawkinhutch, I'm honestly ignorant to classroom resources, but does audible have anything along the lines of starting an audio library? or even something where you had an e-library? I would imagine it may be easier for kids to just buy the books themselves, but a lot of them might not.

      I ask that, and then I immediately realize, the purpose of all of this might be to get them off their devices, which I understand, but would probably turn me off (I'm a rebel) if I thought it was some ulterior motive.

      Also, beakumhawks could probably get some of his Nigerian friends to book some studio time and get these books on tape for you, complete with character voices!
      Joe Norris To be honest with you, I don't know about the audio library. I have never thought about it, but it would definitely be a way to get a kid to enjoy a book who may not sit and actually read it. I will have to look in to it. I have never used it as a way to get devices out of hands, but it is an added benefit. All the other benefits of reading are why I have worked to build a classroom library, giving my students easy access to books.


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        Learn how reading fiction will help you become a better man.


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          I just wanted to thank all of you. Through your kindness and generosity (along with some friends and family and the good people of the Phog) I have been able to add about 40 new books to my classroom library. You guys are amazing! And if anyone else would like to help out, the wish list is still up and active.


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            Originally posted by jayhawkinhutch View Post
            This one is really interesting. Among other things, it discusses how elders who showed little to no signs of Alzheimer's in their lifetime, turned out to have had advanced signs of the disease in their brain. But because reading (any reading, but fiction in particular) builds up cognitive reserve that helps the brain patch itself up so that it can function as it should.
            .... that's why I spend so much time on here. Reading. I'm exercising my brain by being here.


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              If any of you are feeling generous on this Giving Tuesday, here again is the link to donate and help my classroom. Thanks!

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