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    Originally posted by GardArmighty View Post

    When it warms up, you guys come over and we can all have a puff on the deck, social distance style!
    If you arent going to be there, just leave the key.


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      Originally posted by okjayhawker View Post

      If you arent going to be there, just leave the key.
      I already have the key, so, just let me know when you’ll be there and I’ll meet you.

      also, GardArmighty has these new toilets where you poop in the tank rather than the bowl. It’s really space age stuff


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        Originally posted by Protist View Post

        When has Kansas ever "gotten it?" Slavery, I guess.
        To be fair, I think Kansas has gotten this coronavirus thing pretty close to "right" from the get-go. We closed schools until the end of the year before any other state (other than California, I think). The Governor and the KDHE have been very proactive in generating guidelines for COVID testing and for deciding who gets tested and who does not (given the limitations they have with numbers of kits available, and so on).

        Also, we have Bill Self. We got that one right.