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State of the Wheat 2Q18 - Updated info for 3Q 2020

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  • State of the Wheat 2Q18 - Updated info for 3Q 2020

    LINK to 1Q thread

    As mentioned in the Transparency thread, I know this is late and there's not a lot to report...looking back. Our data plan is up in September ~ the 14th.

    Here's a look at the bank account:

    and here's the 2Q traffic, down from ~60 in 1Q. I'd imagine the deadzone of sports has contributed to that, but I"m just guessing, muffnudge may have some more insight if/when he's able to share some analytics

    Assuming we stay with the same plan, that'll be $180. I fronted the first year, but the kind folks of the wheat donated what you see above, so those funds will be used for the coming year to keep the lights on.

    As always, please use this thread to ask any questions of management, critique us, compliment us, stick your thumb up Gard's butt (he likes that one), this is your festivus, air those grievances.

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    I'd like to report a spammer (mysticsolange247) Seems one got through the gates. Time for a lockdown.


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      28 merit points to @jayhawklifer

      that's four touchdowns and extra points worth

      more than KU will score in two weeks!

    • MissTCShore
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      weeks or seasons?

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    I support the forum and applaud the direction, message and leadership. Just say the word when more funds become necessary.


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      I'd volunteer to help, but I'll gladly let a Boomer such as RJ cut in line. Only fair, considering he'll be scamming me for Social Security for the next few decades.


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        If we want to increase traffic, we’re going to have to have more RJ. Find out his salary requirements for a commitment of a minimum number of posts per week.


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          bump for weekday peoples, and I think muffnudge is working on getting some analytics for the data nerds (me)

          But we, the management, at WtW promise not to sell your data to anyone...believe me, we've had offers, like solange247


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            Here are some analytics for Q2 with a few notes:
            • We won' be able to compare to last year until October 4th, which was when Analytics was added to the site in 2017
            • I compared stats on a couple of graphs from Q2 to Q1. In some cases, but not all, traffic is lower. The take away here is overall traffic in Q2 is down from Q1
              • Total number of Users declined by 2,440
              • Total number of New Users declined by 2,341
            • Of the total number of visitors that visited the website in Q2, 832 were Returning Visitors and 2,701 were New Visitors (meaning they had never visited the site before). As you may see however, GA is showing 3,027 for total number of Users (first and last graph) in Q2, but is you add 832 + 2,701, the total is 3,533. I don't know why there is this discrepancy without doing a little more research
            • A positive is that the Bounce Rate is lower. Not by much but every little bit helps. As a reminder, Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who visit a website (lands on a page) and leaves the website without viewing another page
            • Since overall traffic is down, Mobile usage is also down.
            • Typically, the Home page is usually the Most Visited page for a website but in Q2, Mass Street was the most visited page followed by the Home page. Naismith Drive, the Forum list, and people viewing Private Messages were the Top 5 Most Viewed pages
            • More Q2 visitors entered the site by Directly 1) entering the url or 2) clicked the saved bookmark. If someone has saved a bookmark (like me), they could have saved the WtW link for any page on the site
            • People Organically searching for WtW in search engines is down 24.6%
            Q2 Audience Overview

            Q2 Mobile Overview

            Q2 All Pages Overview

            Q2 Acquisition Overview

            Q2 New vs Returning Visitors


            • Joe Norris
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              Thanks for posting this, the pics are blocked by my stupid work block....I will enjoy looking at in detail this evening

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            I was going to read all this but then I decided to cut out of work early and flog the dolphin while driving down PCH instead.


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              Originally posted by FrobozMumbar View Post
              I was going to read all this but then I decided to cut out of work early and flog the dolphin while driving down PCH instead.
              Headed down to The Little Shrimp in Laguna are ya?


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                Bumping this because I'm a bad leader and have been super busy with work lately and haven't been good about updating everyone on stats and whatnot.

                I just searched "State of the Wheat" and grabbed the first one I, that's why this is 2Q18....again, I'm lazy

                Fall is approaching and that means we need to reassess our renewal....I still love this place and want to be more active...I just haven't been posting as much cause I've been busy....I'll grab a screenshot of our remaining paypal funds, but IIRC this would be the first year we don't have enough to cover based on past donations.

                I will obviously be contributing, and I know covid has hit folks hard, so nobody feel obligated to donate until I post how much we have...I just wanted to bump this so it was on my to-do list

                Thanks everyone for another great year

                Except GardArmighty, fuck that guy, he never shows up


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                  Never mind, I had a quick second to do it now:

                  I think renewal is $180, so we're about half way there, if people want to do it.


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                    I'm totally there! What is the email to send it?


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                      I'll pay whatever. Cheaper than therapy.


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                        Tried to donate from the link on the front page. No dice...says something went wrong. Just let me know where to go to donate & I am there.


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                          Yup, I'm in...shoot a link and I'll throw some cash at the problem the way the Federal Government taught me.