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    A three-year-old girl has died after amass stabbing occurred at her birthday party in Boise Saturday.

    Boise Police say the girl was flown to Utah for treatment of injuries she received in Saturday night’s attack.

    "It is with deep sorrow we share the news that she has passed away today," Boise Police said in a statement.

    One child has been treated and released from the hospital according to police.

    Seven victims remain in the hospital, many with serious or critical injuries. Police say due to the nature of their injuries they will not be providing regular status updates.

    Timmy Kinner, the man accused of stabbing nine people including six children is being arraigned in court Monday at 1:30 p.m. Kinner, 30, of Los Angeles, was arrested and charged with nine counts of felony aggravated battery and six counts of felony injury to a child. He is now been charged with 1st degree murder.

    "We were heartbroken today to learn of the death of one of Saturday’s young victims. The thought of a happy occasion like a child’s birthday party being turned into the darkest of sorrows in such a vicious way is almost unfathomable. I know every Boisean joins me in sending our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones, as well as continued thoughts and prayers to the other eight victims recovering from their injuries," said Boise Mayor David Bieter.

    Investigators say the preliminary evidence is showing that Kinner was a temporary resident at an apartment complex at State Street and Wylie Lane, where the stabbings happened. They say he had stayed a few nights at a resident's apartment last week.

    Police say he was asked to leave the apartments Friday after residents became concerned with Kinner's behavior, which he did peacefully.

    However, police say Kinner returned Saturday with a knife and started attacking people. They say he attacked six children and three adults after they stepped in.

    The International Rescue Committee and the City of Boise is organizing a vigil for the stabbing victims. The vigil will take place at 6 p.m. Monday on the steps of Boise City Hall.

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    Pretty messed up situation all around. Sub human garbage animal needs to be tortured to death. Death by 1000 blades.


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      Nah, just one to the back of the head.

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    Mom sentenced to 40 years for killing 2-year-old son after he wet the bed

    Katrina – who, like Dubray, lives in Porcupine, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation – allegedly killed her son on July 28 with blows to the head and abdomen, according to the South Dakota U.S. Attorney’s Office, reports the Rapid City Journal.

    The newspaper cites an FBI report stating the boy suffered bruises, bite marks and a torn scrotum – and was dead before an ambulance was able to transport him to the hospital.

    Katrina is accused in the charging document of using “fists and feet” to “intentionally, knowingly and recklessly case serious bodily injury” resulting in “intracranial bleeding and damage to the brain” of the victim “through blunt impact.”

    Kylen was reportedly living at his grandmother’s house while in his mother’s custody at the time he died.


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      Thoughts on this thread:


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        Bumping for EasyDisease

        Orca whale continues to grieve dead calf for a 6th day

        SAN JUAN ISLANDS — She carries it delicately, carefully, by the fin, or on her head, so as not to make a mark on the tiny body of her calf that lived only half an hour.

        J35, a mother orca in the southern-resident clan, was being closely followed as she swam by all the members of her family Sunday, as she continued her mourning ritual for a sixth straight day, swimming more than 40 miles south from Canadian waters overnight Saturday to the west side of San Juan Island on Sunday.

        She and her family are constantly on the move — and usually a sight that brings joy wherever they go.

        But not this summer. As J35’s family moves through the water they are a like a funeral procession, the mother with her deceased calf balanced on her head, and family following closely with her.

        Whether she is eating is not known; her family snagged a salmon Sunday afternoon and were sharing it, though it was impossible to tell from a distance who got a piece.

        And even as the mother whale’s grief is displayed day after day, researchers are worried about another family member, J-50, they fear will be next.

        Researchers are arriving this week to film both whales with a drone. With J-50, a youngster at the age of 4, the goal is to compare her body condition with earlier sightings.

        But others who are with the orca whales nearly every day already know, and fear the worst.

        “I don’t see how she can survive,” said Dave Ellifrit of the Center for Whale Research, based in Friday Harbor. “She has classic peanut head,” he said, referring to the hollowed- out shape of her head behind her cranium, where the fat has wasted away, a known sign of emaciation.

        “She looks a lot worse, I can see the back of her cranium, it’s pretty pathetic,” Ellifrit said. “You just don’t picture her surviving. We have seen a couple of whales look grim that came back. But they were never this bad.”


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          classic peanut head...

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          J35 and dead baby:

          You do not have permission to view this gallery.
          This gallery has 1 photos.


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            Even sadder, the orcas in that area called the Southern Residents have not had a healthy baby in the last 3 years and they'd dying out.

            They have a shortage of food, they have boat noise, and they fight pollution and these things are killing them off. My guess is plastic straws are mostly to blame.


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              This article about right whales in the North Atlantic is pretty depressing.


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                Glad to see The Atlantic is finally living up to its name.


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                    Video fails for me. That ruined my day. Thanks REG!

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                  When embedding YouTube style instead of video, you only need the little code after the v=


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                      Whale still carrying dead baby. Sigh.


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                        Florida girl, 7, dies after being struck by stray bullet sitting in car


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                          Why was the stray bullet sitting in the car?

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                          Haha, I thought I should edit that, but it's the article's title, so, I left it