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    Don't know if anyone is familiar with this series, but I started watching awhile back...they do great interviews and avoid the fluff like you see on other talk show formats.....anyway, as they've gotten more famous, they've gotten bigger and bigger guests, I just watched this one with Charlize Theron

    basically, they interview the guest while they eat progressively hotter hot wings

    I've never really seen a candid interview with her, but she seems awesome and she loves the F bomb

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    is she in WWUR tourney, chadrea ?

    I mean, I'm sure she is, but has her bracket gone yet?
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      Bracket #49 - Alabama


      • LARPHawk
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        This shit cracks me up every time.

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      she's damn-near perfect

      beautiful, funny, smart and likes hot foods. I'm in.


      • Joe Norris
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        Loved it when she went off on the hot sauce that was just a dick and an asshole, and then she flipped it off and called it a fucker

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      oh man....this is gonna be good


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        I am madly, deeply and passionately in love with Charlize Theron. My family is well aware that I would leave them in a millisecond to be with her. My all time favorite scam bait was the time I got a lad to impersonate her and send me nekid pics of "herself." The pics stopped when "she" demanded I send money to her agent in Rolla, Missouri if I wanted any more nekid pics. Fun times


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          Joel Embiid did one of these that was pretty good.


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            Originally posted by Lurch22 View Post
            Joel Embiid did one of these that was pretty good.