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Hope and Regret... and Hope.

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    Happy Anniversary everyone!

    Another year has passed. SpaceX has done some incredible things. ULA continues to play a big role in our space capabilities. Companies like the Sierra Nevada Corporation, Amazon, & Virgin are all pushing forward. I feel like we're making progress in ways we never would have thought possible 10 years ago. We've lost some heroes and gained some new ones. A pinhole some poor Russian engineer accidentally drilled into a capsule in the International Space Station nearly caused an international incident. You can now hear the wind on Mars. Voyager 2 just passed into interstellar space.

    There is hope!

    Now is the time for us to build that foundation that allows us to really get out there.

    What is your favorite space story from 2018? Comment below!


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      I started reading the OP about moon landing and was just sure this topic was going to be about Steph Curry.


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        Originally posted by KarlHungus View Post

        Bone mineral density, BMD, decreases substantially in space. Essentially the BMD loss after 1 month in space is equal to the BMD loss of an elderly woman in 1 year. As of now no one has broken a bone in space, and researchers are trying to create models for how the fracture healing process might work. I know of one team using sheep (bone structure similar to humans) to increase the data available for creating computer models that won't require the invasive nature of the current experiments. Another issue with the loss of BMD in space is the body doesn't return to its original levels of bone resorption and creation after spending significant time on Earth again. The physiological changes associated with prolonged space travel are a huge barrier currently.
        I've been told BMD is the only thing that will get you "in" to the program to begin with.