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I’m sure the Wheat likes Trivia

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  • I’m sure the Wheat likes Trivia

    So they should love this

    Last night, I opened the HQ app at 9pm to catch a round of trivia. While there are cash prizes on the line, making money isn’t the only reason why I, and the nearly 20,000 other players who joined me, are obsessed with this app.

    HQ is a new app from the makers of Vine. It’s basically a live trivia game show on your phone. Twice a day during the week, at 3pm and 9pm eastern time, you open the app and join players from around the world competing for a cash prize of $250 to be split among the winners. When the game starts, you have ten seconds to answer the question as soon as the host begins speaking, which the app says is not enough time to Google an answer. If you get it right, you move on to the next round. If you’re wrong, you’re out of the game, though you’ll be able to watch along for the rest of the game. There’s twelve rounds of questions, and they range from anything from “Who wrote the The Picture of Dorian Grey?” to “’What’s the Scottish term for a Poet Laureate?” The answers are “Oscar Wilde” and “Makar” by the way.

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    Is it multiple guess?


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      Not sure all the details, I just skimmed the article at work...going to play the 8p game tonight and see how it is


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        Originally posted by Joe Norris View Post
        Not sure all the details, I just skimmed the article at work...going to play the 8p game tonight and see how it is


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          Yeah I was playing 2k and missed the notification

          whoops, I will play at 2 if my afternoon is as slow as this morning has been


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            Ok, I just played the 2p game

            It was fun, I made it to the sixth question, GardArmighty would disown me for getting it wrong

            What turns blue litmus paper red, I said base, it was acid

            I don't know these things

            Anyway, you get all 12 right and you split the money with whoever got there too

            It was down to 3k people left from 17k when it started

            I will continue to play, and it really wasn't that big of a waste of time


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              Well done, and don't worry, I would have had a 50/50 chance at getting that right. I haven't seen litmus paper since the Carter administration.


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                Bumpsky....found this amusing "mealtimevideo" on reddit about the incredible rise and fall of HQ....lots of things I didn't know....I abandoned the app for many reasons mentioned in the video, long before they got into their different strategies....still a good watch if you've got 22 mins to kill