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Who else eats a ton of fish and says "fuck the mercury?"

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  • Who else eats a ton of fish and says "fuck the mercury?"


    I cooked some honey and brown sugar encrusted salmon the other day; it was superb. I believe I've eaten fish nearly every day this week. So what if I eventually become a live-action version of the Mad Hatter? I'll never give up my fishies.
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    Mercury schmercury.

    With ya, Jefe. Fish, fish, fish.

    I wish Beshoff's would open here.


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      I wish I liked the fish, but alas, I'm not a fan.


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        you're totally safe with salmon, esp from a fishery.

        shark, swordfish, seabass have high mercury.


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          So does Tuna. According to some random intern at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the larger the fish are supposed to be when they are caught, the more mercury they have from being in the jacked up, polluted ocean that much longer.

          Also, I've heard that fishery fish have less mercury than wild caught, but I think they are higher in many other toxins because of pollution run off from nearby land from things like pesticides, etc. into their water supply. This info was given to me by some random clerk at Whole Foods. I believed him.


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            Are we talking about eating the fish or just the fishsex?