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The adventures of Stanley the Scammer - part 2.5 (intermission.. sort of)

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  • The adventures of Stanley the Scammer - part 2.5 (intermission.. sort of)

    A bit of an intermission before the Jenny-Stanley story continues….

    Dealing with one's pet is more of an art than a science. There are times that your pet needs some loving, and times when your pet needs a swift kick in the nuts. Most people just starting out in scambaiting quickly become discouraged, as their pet doesn't always do what is asked of them. This series of emails between Penfold and Stanley will show how a swift kick in the groin, followed up by some tender loving care, can hook your lad even further. Plus, it possibly helps you understand how Stanley can do some of the things that he's going to do to try and con this church.

    First of all, it's important to remember that in scambaiting there are some hard and fast rules. At least these rules are hard and fast for members of 419eater. They are as follows:
    1) No hacking into a lads email account
    2) No getting involved in someone else's bait without permission
    3) No sabotaging an existing bait
    4) The #1 goal of any bait is to occupy the time and resources of the scammer. I've managed to close down 100's of scammers bank accounts. I'm much prouder of that than I am of the pictures and forms that I've gotten from the scammers.

    In the case of Stanley I wasn't the one that hooked him. It was another baiter on 419eater that convinced him of the Network. I was invited into the bait to play the role of Penfold Gerbil, an expert computer hacker who worked under Mohinder, the head of IT for the Network. The original baiter got occupied by real life, and I kinda took over, with other experienced baiters joining in. We coordinated all of our plans though, with different experienced baiters taking on different roles. The result was a bait that put Stanley through hell for almost a full year.

    Not all baiters subscribe to the above rules, however, and I was getting really pissed off by some assclown that had managed to hack into Stanley's email account, and was sending me 2-3 dumbass emails a day. Not only that, but he made it obvious to Stanley that his account had been hacked. As silly as it might seem, the possibility does exist that law enforcement could actually be monitoring an email account. Hacking into the account and acting like an idiot simply causes the scammer to open another email account, and law enforcement could be out in the cold.

    To make matters worse, not only had Stanley's box been hacked, but he had been lax with security at the internet café he used, and other scammers were getting my email address. Below is an email I received from a scammer:

    Hello Penfold Gerbil,

    I know this mail will come to you as a surprise, But please take your time to read and understand the mindset of the person writing this mail.

    My name is Gregory Chigozie Adams, permit to say here that I stole your contact ID from a fellow Nigerian whom I know has been working with you for some time now. I also know you have helped him with a couple of jobs for him to actualize. Some he has been able to work on ,the others he has failed not because of his inefficiency but maybe because he has too many jobs to take care of.

    I'm a street boy, that's how we address ourselves here in NIGERIA. A full blown Nigerian, I'm into this thing called internet fraud. You will agree with me that if you must grow or reach your altittude in any endeavour you find yourself, then you must stand in the shoulders of those who has gone ahead of you.

    I know you are a man of many jobs and it will be my greatest priority to work with you. I know this might come to you as a setup but it's not, you may tend to look at it as someone trying to cast aspersion on your integrity, please never mind. It's a burning desire born out of desperation.

    I will want you to try me just this once with an ESTATE job and see if I have the capabilty to work with you. I know this could be the beginning of a great relationship that will eventually grow to benefit the both of us.

    No doubt you will appreciate this move I have made today. I have summed up the courage to talk to you first on behalf of my friend whom I stole this contact from. I have tried to get a formal introduction through him but he has always refused.

    I hope when you reply this message it will be my appointment letter from you Master.


    Now the fun thing is that Stanley had been pimping the Network to his friends. But this guy had stolen my email addie from him, and was trying to horn in on Stanley's riches. Penfold was not happy that security had once again been breached, and sent the following to Stanley:


    We have a problem. Do you know this person that goes by the name of Gregory? He could be real, or he could be a cop.

    Please explain how you allowed our correspondence to be ready by someone outside of the network. This is a major problem Captain.

    What ideas do you have concerning this person?

    Hello Brothers,
    I don't know him He is a trator, I think they are rivals in Nigeria. He must Identify himself face to face with me before he can gain identity into the network.

    How do we start the church game i have sent the pics to the moon man (moon man is another baiter who is an upper-up in the Network).

    lets start the bait brothers.


    There is no honor amongst thieves in Nigeria. Penfold is still not happy with Stanley:

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    I have run a full check on the network, and except for the usual problems relating to the doomsday device they come up clean. Captain, what is going on here? I have not heard back from this person, and I suspect that he might be EFCC.

    Captain, you have compromised the network. How did this person get hold of your information? I am very hesitant to send you the info relating to the church deal right now.


    By now Stanley's emails to Penfold had taken on a different tone. He was broke (or "brook" as he liked to call it), and tired of things not working out.

    What the fuck are you talking about????/

    I don't know that idiot of a Gee.....

    Send me the eMail contact for the work. make sure you don't copy my eMail to anyone who is not in the network, only member of the network has this eMail: [email protected]
    Forward the work for the church in my Corresponding mail, where me and the moon man talk and also chat:

    [email protected]

    I do chat with moon man, where is your chatting eMail ad me now so we can chat: [email protected]

    Anyone from Africa who do not identify himself with me is a trator from Nigeria.

    We have no problem from my side now, i have a private network in my house where i work so all my work are safe, i don't work from the cafe anymore.


    I have some shipments withheld in custom at cameroon now can you hack in a change the destination of the shipments so i can receive in another location or possibly?

    I will forward the details of shipments if you can possibly do something now, i need to get those shipments from IMPEDIMENTS SHIPPINGS USA. (damn, I do love good old Impediment Shipping!)
    Nov 1, 2008
    11:10 AMCUSTOMS HOLD!Douala, Cameroon Contraband found. Awaiting instructions





    If I ever find who was hacking into Stanley's account I will rip him a new one. He ended up ratting me out to Stanley, and changed the bait completely. Plus, he kept making it obvious that he was getting into Stanley's email box, and he kept sending me shit from that box.

    I started requiring Stanley to send me security photos of himself holding up a sign, so I could make sure the emails were coming from Stanley and not from the imposter. That was a good reason to get Stanley to send pics of himself holding a sign. He bitched about it, and he snapped when I sent him this email:


    I am back from vacation. I decided to visit Disneyland. Have you ever gone there? It is quite exciting. I got my photo taken with Mickey Mouse. I am rested and ready to go!

    I will set up the new secure email accounts and send them to you. However, I will need you to send me a new secure photo of yourself. In this photo I need you to hold a sign that says


    I'm sure you understand the need to verify that your account has not been hijacked. You need to send me this photo from your SECURE account, not this account. Part of the problems that you keep having come from the fact that you don't use your secure account. (I set up new accounts for him with the word "secure" in them, so they would be doubly secure. Plus I'd have his password, since I was the one that set the account up.)

    Once I receive the above picture of you (and only you) holding the above sign from your secure account I will send you the new secure accounts for you to use.

    He lost it


    IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEND THE SECURE EMAIL TO THE SECURE EMAIL YOU OPEN FOR WITH [email protected]..I will never send pics again. U why can't you send me your own pics..u know what i look like i don't know what you look like so stop fooling yourself asking me pics all the time okay.
    Send me your pics. With todays date. on your hand.


    Remember what I said about there being a time to slap, and a time to give them some love. This was clearly the time for a slap. And it wasn't pretty. And, unfortunately for Stanley, it came at a time where he was expecting a shipment of computers sent via Impediment shipping from a victim:

    Captain Insanity

    This email shall serve as your official notification of suspension, without pay, from the Network, pending a full hearing. I am very sorry to have to do this, but you have left me no other options.

    This suspension is due to the following:

    a) Failure to use and adhere to security procedures regarding your email account. You continue to use an email account that has been compromised, despite repeated warnings by network personnel not to.
    b) Failure to provide security photos in a timely manner.
    c) insubordination

    You have one week from the receipt of this email to state your case why the suspension should be lifted to all parties included in this email. After receipt and review of your response you will either:

    a) be reinstated at your current rank, with full back pay
    b) be demoted within the network
    c) be released from the network

    All current jobs are on hold pending the result of this inquiry.

    Captain, I am very sorry it had to come to this. You must understand that the security and integrity of the network is my #1 obligation. This is nothing personnel. I still like you and consider you my friend. I hope you feel the same way about me. Your repeated disregard for security left me with no choice.
    Good luck at the hearing.


    He was heartbroken.
    Hello My brothers

    This is the most suprising thing to me at this tight time when i need money.

    I have suffered for this network. Wininng people to work for the network. but i get nothing. At this point that i was about receiving a shipment penfold redirected it. I can't understand why he did Guys should think about this I have laboured to get that shipment and all i get all the time is turn down from the network. I don't know where i have gone wrong.

    My fellow brother. I know if you where in my shoes you will be even angry...after much laboure where you get nothing. Its just redicolous for me to stay one week suspension. i need money.

    There should be a way out brother.

    Please..I need to lay my hands on some guys should do something.
    Penfold you are my best friend who i always talk to more in the network. What is going on.



    My brother
    It broke my heart to have to do that to you. It truly did. But I didn't know of any other way to get across to you the need for security. I have told you time and time again that your account was being hacked into, and this was compromising network security. I told you to delete your old accounts and only use the secure accounts I set up for you. I told you this and you ignored me. I tried. I really did try. But in the end, when you continued to use your old account and you refused my demand for a security photo, you left me no choice.

    Your hearing will be in one week. I will help in trying to convince the others to allow you to continue to work in the network. But you have to do whatever i say with no complaints. You have not been doing this.

    I still consider you one of my closest friends and I hope this little incident doesn't hurt that. You know that I still love you like a brother. But the network will always come first.

    This one to Penfold is titled "I am left in tears.":

    Dearest brother,

    At this time i am left with tears to hear you say you did that because i did not send to you the security pics on time. So brother what happened to all the security pics i have been sending to you???..You know how i have worked for this network day and night..without earning notin instead all i get is lost. Now that am suppose to get my shipment you directed it to yourself...You have hurt me.....

    Yours Brother.

    I need my shipment Brother. I need the Shipment Brother.



    Penfold is still in his corner though, and attempts to explain:

    brother gee

    i too am left with tears. i could not sleep last night i was so upset. but i had to do what i had to do, and what i had to do was due what i did. you left me no choice. security photos are required at regular intervels to ensure that the integrity of your box. when you got nasty with me i had to suspend you. i hope you understand and that we are still bestest buddies.

    brother gee you had best get going on putting together your case as to why you should be reinstated to the network.

    your bestest friend forever




    I love you too my brother and that is why this is so hard. Your shipment is safe. I hacked into the shipping company and changed the tracking number. They probably think the shipment is lost, but it is on its way to my storage place. If your suspension hearing goes well I will personally ship them to you.

    brother, you simply have to understand the need for security. i am very sorry about this, but you have to understand the need for security. i still love you brother, and this is business, not personal. i hope you understand that.
    please brother, i need you to work on your email stating why you should be reinstated into the network. get that out quickly my brother, and we should be able to put this all behind us.

    your brother


    A few slaps, and Stanley is an obedient little pet.


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      Respected penfold,

      I feel a little bit okay for the response i got from you, i was about thinking MOHINDER incident why you have treated me like that. But according to what you said to me in accordance to the network security i understand what you mean.

      Brother, You know the security break was not my fault, it was your other Gee Dan who did this and you know it. but i regret why this has happened. I will be patiently waiting for my shipment at when due. Then we put it behind us. Hope i made my self clear brother. Once more i love you too My Gee. It just that it really break my heart..why you did not alart me before taking that action you did.

      Emmmm, I pledge to you and the fellow brothers to reinstate my domain into the network as i have taken care of the security of my email in this network.

      If you have any idea for more security for me. kindly alart me.

      One love.


      From that point on Stanley was like a dog, happily doing whatever was asked of him.


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        Never let this stop plz




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          BUMP A LUMP

          this intermission has gone on far too long