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weird bug bites?

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  • weird bug bites?

    For the last month, I have had strange bug bites randomly pop up on my body. They are mostly on my arms and a few on my legs. They look like mosquito bites but they are often a lot bigger. They itch like hell and the area around them becomes inflamed if I scratch them too much.

    I have no idea where they are coming from but it is especially baffling because it is winter and I don't live in a climate with a lot of bugs. I often notice new ones when I wake up in the morning so I think I am getting attacked at night.

    Sam has had a few of the bites on him but nobody else in our family has noticed them.

    Any ideas?

    Would it help to call out some sort of exterminator?

    My husband thinks I am crazy (given). But I have had at least five bites bothering me at one time for the last few months.

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    those ain't bug bites :sadbanana:


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      bedbugs. sorry.


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        i think you have bed bugs if you have 3 bites in a straight line that would be bedbugs i would call the exterminator ASAP those fuckers are very hard to get rid of


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          if it's bed're fucked


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            may the good lord help you if they're bed bugs


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              Bed bugs.

              Or miniature hickeys from ninja dwarves.


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                Google "sand fleas"

                you got them in hawaii.


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                  Few things...

                  1) There have never been three in a line.

                  2) If they were bed bugs (which I had already ruled out), why wouldn't my husband or baby (who ends up sleeping right next to me half the time) be getting them? Also, these bites are pretty big....dime-sized.

                  3) I had them before we went to Hawaii.


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                    denial is a natural first reaction.

                    also, what's with the baby sleeping next to you? you gonna CRUSH IT!!!


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                      Maybe your husband is trying to slowly poison you in your sleep.


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                        Originally posted by gravyshanks View Post
                        denial is a natural first reaction.

                        also, what's with the baby sleeping next to you? you gonna CRUSH IT!!!
                        No, I am NOT in denial. My "sores" (as they are now called) were discussed at great length today in chat. Our resident bug expert Wave has diagnosed them as spider bites.

                        (seriously, I've googled lots of bed bug pictures and my bites look nothing like that).

                        As far as the baby in bed, I do what I can do to get sleep. I haven't crushed one yet.


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                          caps lock is a natural reaction to being told you're in denial.

                          post pics please. Wave likes spiders a lot and gives them undue credit at times.


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                            I actually don't have a picture now. Already tried that route with Wave. I currently only have one bite and it is right on my elbow so it is barely visible because of the already more pinkish hue of the skin there.

                            If I get attacked again tonight, pics will be available.


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                              Sounds like pemphigus vulgaris. Let me ask you a few questions, and I apologize if they seem irrelevant or too personal.

                              - oily discharge?
                              - rice water stools?
                              - fraternized with Hot Cops recently?

                              A poultice of butter, sea salt (kosher), and crushed yams, mixed with jasmine should do the trick. Smear it liberally everywhere.

                              Every. Where.