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  • Rainn Wilson tweet

    Latest: rainnwilson In the zombie apocalypse, if forced to eat human meat, i would only eat women cause eating man meat is gay. 43 minutes ago from web.

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    Re: Rainn Wilson tweet

    I posted this one the other day from his feed:

    If you wear skinning jeans, wool cap and flannel in August, you are a Douche. I checked.

    The higher a truck's suspension is jacked up, the smaller the driver's penis. I checked.

    Actually I CAN bullshit a bullshitter.

    27% of Americans believe Obama was born in Kenya. What is w/ this country? How can 73% of you brainwashed idiots think he's Hawaiian?

    Eat. Pray. Love the fact that I am never going to see "Eat Pray Love".