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How much cocaine did Charlie Sheen do?

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  • How much cocaine did Charlie Sheen do?

    Enough to kill Two & a Half Men. :runaway:

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    Cocaine once tried to do Charlie Sheen, but his tiger blood was too full of winning for it to handle.


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      Sheen has handled his indiscretions with mastery.

      Tired of his contract, he forces THEM to break it...and pay him off.

      It's a dangerous line he's balancing on, but, so far, at least part of you has to admit he's pulling it off, and with enviable style.


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        Read a great story, I think on Yahoo, that debated if he was simply pulling a Joquin (sp?) Phoenix and making us all look like stooges for buying into his behavior. Personally, I see this ending more along the lines of his brother River.


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          I don't forsee Sheen dying on the streets of L.A. like River Phoenix. Something does have to give -- he's got the look of serious drug derangement and the neck skin of a man of 65, not 45. His body is clearly giving out under the stress.

          I'm guessing he'll have another huge bender and wind up in the hospital where a doctor will tell him he's playing Russian Roulette with his health, and he will die eventually from it.

          Then, he either does die or just suddenly fades from view for a few years while he detoxes from the substances and his lifestyle.