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  • Papa Bob's

    It's on Man Vs. Food: KC as his challenge. The sandwich is ridiculous and nobody has ever eaten it. But has anyone ever eaten at this place? It's in Bonner Springs.

    Ok. Joe's and Strouds were featured as well. I've never heard of Papa Bob's though, kinda odd they chose a random place like it. Was wondering if its a hidden gem or they just lucked into the show.

    edit- the people at this place look like the Fred Phelps clan.

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    Re: Papa Bob's

    I've heard that place isn't too good, but I've never been there.


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      Re: Papa Bob's

      my dad still has the best ribs I've ever eaten, and he's a huge BBQ fan and even he's never heard of this place. I feel like they grabbed some random place lookin for fame. They had way too much bread and who the fuck puts hamburger on a BBQ sandwich? The pulled pork, sausage, and ham all looked good, but I'll never go there because they put burgers on a BBQ sandwich. I've had smoked burgers and liked them, but you don't put them on a BBQ sandwich then charge 50 dollars for it.

      Fuck Papa Bob's.