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    Posted: Today 1:17 PM
    RE: What websites are in your favorites list?
    I just looked at, the threads are almost all exactly the same with the ones here, with less traffics.

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    Re: O Rly

    That's a pretty gay thing to say.

    See? The threads are different.


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      Re: O Rly

      haha with less traffic? Look at who's starting and posting in those threads. It's all the same people. The thread about phog running slow was all people bitching, then it turned into all Premium members and Mods saying it's working fine if you use all these addons to firefox.

      And we can post what we want.

      And maybe BayArea should check out our bball and football boards getting news up faster than theirs, AND their premium. RandytheHelpfulPineapple broke news 30 minutes before Phog's premium did. Someone is trying to justify getting AIDZ and coming back for more.


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        Re: O Rly

        Oh and I left out a search function and free chat. WtW > Phog.

        BayArea. How is phog better. Man up and post it here.

        Free chat? Nope
        Free Speech? Nope
        Get computer Aidz? Yep
        Search function? Nope
        Better sports information? Nope
        Creepy Mod who given the chance to meet you will try to date rape your friends and sisters? Yep.
        More members? Yep, but 75% of them don't post. We make fun of Ape Room threads daily because most of the thread starters left. All you have are "going here next weekend, what to do"
        Cactii, Jacklord, Ztella, RonPrince all approve of WtW over Phog. Those are you top rated posters there.

        So you're saying higher membership on Phog who's been around for 10 years over a site around 2.5 weeks makes it better?

        Let's hear your input, por favor.


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          Re: O Rly

          Guest 01:31:16 PM Viewing the topic O Rly.

          Hi BayArea!

          It's nice to see 15 guests = 15 phoggies who are bored at Phog but don't want to make usernames here b/c it might ruin their rep there.


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            Re: O Rly

            Hi all you lurking phaggies!!!


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              Re: O Rly

              [quote author=thedeerehunter link=topic=322.msg2818#msg2818 date=1281553192]
              Hi all you lurking phaggies!!!

              OMG BAN


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                Re: O Rly

                Bite me admin boy.



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                  Re: O Rly

                  Fuck you hillbilly.



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                    Re: O Rly

                    That's it, I'm reporting you to the mods.

                    Oh wait...


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                      Re: O Rly

                      I'm going to sue the feathers off the lot of you.