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  • Expedia hold...

    So, the entire subcontinent of Oklahoma is about to be swept over by a biblical snowfall. Apparently, Tulsa airport only has one de-icing machine for their entire airport and they're expecting a foot of snow. So now I have to change my flight because of Oklahoma's lackluster snow preparations (I wish I could say that this wasn't a common theme).

    Current Expedia wait play list has been:

    Some crappy Rob Thomas / Damien Rice wannabe song
    Overdone female version of 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'
    Coldplay's Amsterdam
    Crappy pop rock song (barely audible-- couldn't understand the words)-- sounded like U2. Very formularic.
    Terrible western song
    Michael Buble - Home
    Enya - Orinoco Flow (Sail away)
    Seal - Fly Like an Eagle
    Daughtry - Home :puke:
    Damien Rice - Babylon
    Over the top male version of 'Walking in Memphis'
    Nora Jones - Come away with me
    Mamas and Papas - California Dreaming
    Tracey Chapman -- winner winner, Chicken dinner. 56:30 mark.

    I think they planned to lull me into a good mood, but my urge to kill is rising.

    Edit: 25 minute mark. Kill me. Kill me now.

    Edit2: Enya. Christ almighty. I am registering a formal complaint with this play list.

    Edit3: Seal caps off minute 35.

    Edit4: I might snap at someone if they piss me off. 40 minutes of this crap.

    Edit 5: 45 minutes

    Edit 6: 50 minutes -- this is comical.

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    Re: Expedia hold...

    You'll be on hold until, "Let it Snow" and "Baby it's Cold Outside" hits the playlist


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      Re: Expedia hold...

      I'm on with American Airlines...estimated call wait 3 mins

      15 minutes of elevator music later................


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        Re: Expedia hold...

        I tend to incite riots at the sound of Buble.


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          Re: Expedia hold...

          The thing about terrible music is, you HAVE to listen to it, otherwise you lose your place in line. This makes it impossible to get anything else done. It's like having a dirty diaper in your cubicle-- you just CANNOT ignore it.


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            Re: Expedia hold...


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              Re: Expedia hold...

              Operator sounds Eastern European. Can't be sure. Approaching 60 minute mark.


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                Re: Expedia hold...

                Rent a car and DRIVE FAST


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                  Re: Expedia hold...

                  20 minutes of discussing cancelation policy through a language barrier. Yikes.

                  Because my flights have not been cancelled yet, I would be subject to a $150 change fee per flight to use the credit. There are four flights in total (two one stop flights on a round trip). Therefore, a new flight would cost $600 if I cancel now (the original flight cost $300). Booking a new flight and letting them eat my credit might actually be cheaper.

                  I asked if I could request to cancel my flight via email if the airlines don't cancel it, because it takes an hour to get to a caller via the phone. Expedia doesn't recognize email as a method for cancelation. So I'd have to wait until the last minute to cancel my flight, and then pray they didn't take an hour to register my call to cancel the flight.

                  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to a productive work day tomorrow.


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                    Re: Expedia hold...

                    All right, United. You cancelled your flight. 40 minute phone wait, you say? No problem.


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                      Re: Expedia hold...

                      United was about 35 minutes. I got a full monetary refund. FTW.

                      Now I'm on hold with Expedia to cancel the other flights and recoup credit. The EXACT same mix is playing from the start. Eff this, bs.


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                        Re: Expedia hold...

                        this sounds awful.


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                          Re: Expedia hold...

                          Waited on hold with Expedia for 45 minutes then it took an additional 30 minutes to get a cancellation for the other three flights with an email confirmation. Blerg.

                          About twenty minutes ago, I received a voice message from an United agent requesting that I call them back. I called the number back and it routed me back to their main call center system. I was on hold for about five minutes and now I'm trying to establish why they called me. They don't know, because no one left a note on my account for why they called. In the mean time, I have to run through my flight itinerary and the last 24 hours of calls that I've made to both Expedia and United.

                          This chick thinks I'm looking to get a refund for a flight I've already gotten a refund for.

                          'I should have already received a refund for this flight. Are there any notes about the refund? If not, we'll have to go through the process, again.'
                          'Oh yes, I see it's already been authorized'

                          You might have check that the first three times I said I've already talked to a representative this morning.

                          'Alright, I see that the cancelation has been authorized. So do you want to book a flight?'
                          'No. All I need to know is why you called me. That's the only thing I want.'
                          'Ok. I'll need a few minutes to check that. Thank you for your patience'

                          This had to have been the fifth time I've asked directly why they called me. 22 minute mark. Yeeeehaw.


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                            Re: Expedia hold...

                            'Ok. I know now why they called you back. They wanted to know if you wanted to book a flight or if you wanted a refund.'
                            'Ok, please wait a few minutes while I process that.'

                            I told the guy this morning I wanted a refund. Why this dog and pony show? 25 minute mark.


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                              Re: Expedia hold...

                              'Ok. We will be routing this refund to (incorrect email)'
                              'My email address is (correct email).'
                              'Ok. One moment please.'

                              2 min. pass...

                              'Ok. We will be routing the full refund with an email to your current address. It should be reflected in your billing cycle within one to two months depending on your credit card company.'
                              'I still haven't seen an email confirmation, can I have a confirmation number or a reference number to this phone call?'
                              'Yes. One moment please. (typing in the background for 3 minutes) Ok. Your confirmation number is XXXXXXX.'
                              'Thank you.'

                              32 minutes. Jebus. No wonder they're backed up. A native English speaker would have gotten that resolved in 1/4 of the time.