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  • Your worst "Ex" story

    The morning show I listen to had a pretty excellent topic recently which was "what's your worst "ex" story"....I feel like this would be a pretty good topic for here.....I'll start

    I started dating this girl when I had just graduated senior year in high school....we were together for about ten months and things started getting I broke things off, not really "willingly" but I wasn't into the way she was behaving

    When I was in town for her grad party (we were still friendly, despite the relationship), some creepy older dude showed up at her grad party...when I inquired who he was, she said not to mind him....ok, well, he signed her "grad book" with, "I hope you dance"....well yeah he forgot to add "all over my dick" was her 36 yo english teacher that she had been hooking up with

    I was mad for a bit, but then I realized I was 18 years old and at KU...needless to say, things turned around and it enhanced my college experience...we still keep in contact a little bit, and a conversation doesn't go by where I don't give her shit that she's damaged goods.....but it's still pretty embarrassing for me

    you got any?