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  • Funny College Stories?

    FF24 and I were talking and I was reminded of a story that still makes me laugh.....

    So, we were waiting in line for the KSU Beaz game back in there at 10AM in the non camping line and we were fifth and sixth in line

    Well, anyway, we had the brilliant idea of bringing a liter of rum in a big mcdonalds cup....we had finished the liter by about 2pm and were FUCKED up...well we had to piss and didn't want to walk over to the rec or we went into the student athlete center...I was drunk enough that I took some of the water and stuff they had for the athletes and walked out...someone yelled at my friend,

    "Hey, you can't be in here"

    my buddy stopped, turned around and said, "are you fucking kidding me? I'm Lawrence Tynes"

    he was so drunk he couldn't think of a KU football player, so he went with the chiefs kicker...come to think of it, at that point, I think he was the chiefs ex kicker

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    Re: Funny College Stories?

    You hung out with Lawrence Tynes? Cool


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      Re: Funny College Stories?

      Good call not saying he was Lin Elliott.