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    Lew v Zenger

    From Perkins’ contract:

    “The University will pay reasonable expenses for a house-hunting trip for Perkins and his spouse and will further provide reasonable moving expenses by which Perkins may move his household goods to Kansas.”

    From Zenger’s contract:

    “The University will pay reasonable expenses for a house-hunting trip for Athletics Director and his spouse and will further pay reasonable moving expenses by which Athletics Director may move his household goods to Lawrence, Kansas, such expenses together to not exceed $30,000. Moving company shall be selected from list provided by University.”


    “KUAC shall pay reasonable expenses for Gwen Perkins to attend a reasonable number of away football and men’s basketball games when an official business purpose is not identified.”


    “KAI shall pay reasonable travel expenses for Athletics Director’s spouse to attend four off campus football games and four off campus men’s basketball games.”

    Make no mistake, KU’s legal eagles really spent a lot of time going line-by-line through this thing to make sure it was as tight as possible.

    — Gone is the $100,000 annual “media relations” fee that Perkins received as part of his contract. It always particularly confused me that Perkins received $100,000 for media relations in that, well, I’m media, and he never did much relating to me. And it’s not just me, either. I heard many grumblings from media folks who covered him much more than I ever did about how Perkins was very inaccessible.

    — Perkins got a few extra “goodies” that are also gone this time around. For instance, Perkins was given a $24,000 payment to use (at his option) to pay his home mortgage in Connecticut, to use as a down payment on a Lawrence house or to pay a real estate commission in connection with the sale of his personal residence in Connecticut.

    Also missing in Zenger’s contract are those hefty, tax-free retention bonuses that Perkins earned simply for staying on the job for a specified period of time. Though Perkins’ salary was about $900,000 annually (including the “media relations” portion of his contract), those hefty bonuses earned him a lot of national attention when his salary ballooned to more than $4 million in 2009.

    Man...the more I read about the guy, the more he just seems shady...I agree with the author about the $100K "media relations" fee...WTF was that anyway?

    Go crazy, wave

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    So Lew was a bad guy? Seriously? Come on people, the dude was GREAT for the university! I'd love to have him back!


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        Re: CONTRACTS

        My thoughts on this are adequately summed up in the Super Deep Throat thread.