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    As a young adult, I've started to see what goes behind the scenes with the family finances (no more kiddie table). As the boomers in my family are nearing their retirement and their nests are emptying, they younger generation is starting to get an idea of how they've prepped us and our potential children.

    I was curious to hear everyone's family financial gameplan? What kind of tricks are you using to set up your family in the long term? Are you setting up trusts for the kiddies? What kind of property do you plan on investing in? Do you own a business that is going to stay in the family? Are you going to move to avoid taxes/crappy weather?

    I guess I'm looking to learn from the Oread, because I'm starting to think about these things now that I have a job.

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    Re: Family Wealth

    I just wet my whistle with buying my first property...currently, it's not investment property, rather, my primary household, but I have future plans for it

    I bought a condo in downtown Tulsa that I'm hoping will someday be's nothing special, but I got a really good price on it and intend to keep it whenever I move into a more family-type home (no time soon)'s thirteenth floor and has a pretty nice view

    Could be decent down the line...


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      Re: Family Wealth

      I though i had a solid plan to retire then some ahole ruined it and i fell out of a building