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  • Stop Day Eve Parties

    Who made an awesome mistake that you want to share with the board?

    Anyone make it to Miss Trashy Dog?

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    Re: Stop Day Eve Parties

    I don't know that I would call in a mistake, but on the fall stop day in 1982 me and a buddy decided it would be a good idea to ingage in our own personal man vs. booze challenge by each drinking 30 beers that day. First off we didn't get the watered down 3.2 shit, we went for the 5.0 hard stuff and how we didn't get busted by the RA for having that much beer I'll never know.

    We started early around 7:30am and we hit it hard and steady through the lunch knocking back the first 12 with ease. Had a little lunch and proceeded to keep it up and going through another 7 or eight in the afternoon before we starting to hit the wall. By around 4:30 I thought a nice hot shower would be the trick to get me out of my funk. Ended up passing out in the shower for about an hour. Got out just in time to make it downstairs for steak night. Back on my feet we got through a few more to about 23 when we decided a change of scenery was in needed. We headed to the Hawk where we each went through 4 scooners to finish off the challenge at around 10.

    By then beer didn't even taste like beer.


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      Re: Stop Day Eve Parties

      I went to two Miss Phoggy Dogs. The first one was a novelty. The second one is when I realized I was in a standing room only warehouse with a bunch of sweaty d-bags, putting back overpriced bud light in between brief tit appearances. Some of my friends wanted to go to the one the following semester, but I declined. Save yourself the trouble and go to a strip club-- the cover and beer is cheaper and you'll see more.

      I have to admit, it is funny as hell when a student shows all of her stuff and ends up with nothing.


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        Re: Stop Day Eve Parties


        I am exactly the same way...went to a spring one just for say I did

        went the second time and my eyes were opened to all the sleezebags...I also agree with your last's pretty much always gonna be a stripper that wins anyway cause they're willign to do everything

        I had a friend that worked there and she would clear upwards of $400 per night they did miss phog dog