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    Hilarious story from texags...apparently some girl didn't want to stand in line for tickets to the Cotton Bowl:
    It would cause a riot if someone did this to the Missouri/KState camping list...

    well i decided to go campout with everyone else out in front of kyle field tuesday afternoon. I had a blast. Candy 95 came out there and brought an assload of pizzas from pappa john's and coach fran and wife came out there and took a roll call and a whole bunch of pictures. Well anyways it was nearing 5:30 am (i was asleep), and i wake up and hear this guy talking behind our tent saying "Window 8, we need everyone that was on window 8 to come up to check in, some girl ate the list!"

    At this point i jolted upright and though i had one of those extended dreams...but no, some fat ugly skanky ***** got in front of the ticket lines at 5 am and when we started to assemble to get in the official lines, she said she waited for 2 hours! so she was NOT moving. Then she said the list wasnt university sanctioned and she was "right with god" and SWALLOWED THE LIST

    WHO DOES THAT!??! well i think the batt got a picture of her, so if you see her on campus throw **** at her....i mean literal ****. like pretend you are a chimp at the zoo. She deserves it.;forum_id=5

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    Re: The ListEater

    too bad she's not hot because she likes to swallow.


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      Re: The ListEater

      where is the pic of her? They kept talking about a video of it, but then something about their staff taking it down;