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Man v. Food -->KC

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  • Man v. Food -->KC

    Just saw this was on Netflix so I checked it out

    OK Joe's looked excellent as normal

    Stroud's looked delicious, but I'd never heard of it as good as it looked?

    Papa Bob (or whatever his name is) just appeared to make a sandwich to make a sandwich...burgers? really?

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    Re: Man v. Food -->KC

    Ok. Joe's rocks.

    Shroud's is awesome most of the time. It's delicious if you get it on the right day. Sometimes it's just "pretty good". That's saying something when it's just "pretty good" on an off day.

    That last BBQ place they showed looked awful, not only did they put burgers in a BBQ sandwich they put extra bread in it to make it like a Big Mac. They just made a challenge so htey could get on TV. That sandwich looked like shit, and their other food looked as dried out as their sandwich.