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Home Made Turkey Gravy

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  • Home Made Turkey Gravy

    I am about to make some gravy. Here's what I got . . . .

    5 turkey necks
    1/4 lb turkey livers
    1Q vegtable stock

    Here's what I am thinking....

    Brown the necks in some butter, salt and pepper with a bit of shallot for about 10 minutes in a shallow pan. Remove from pan and set aside. Add a bit more butter and add in the turkey livers and brown for about 5 minutes. Add a bit of vegtable broth and braise for about 10 minutes.

    In a seperate pot, add in browned necks and livers and the rest of the vegtable broth. Simmer on low for about an hour, remove from heat, let cool and store in fridge overnight.

    Tomorrow, I take the pot out of the fridge and let the strain the pot. Pour back in the neck, liver, vegtable stock combo and add in the crunchy goodness from the turkey pan. Bring to boil and reduce.

    Suggestions to improve?

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    Re: Home Made Turkey Gravy

    Nix the livers man!


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      Re: Home Made Turkey Gravy

      I'd suggest a secondary thickening agent. You could go the way of the roux and add your stock to that. Or create a slurry out of flour and warm milk (mixed with a fork or whisk so there aren't any lumps) and add that to the stock mixture after it's reduced for a while already. Bring back to a simmer, and let thicken.