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    We recently stayed at the Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club in the Dominican Republic as a rental member of a guest. We attended a very aggressive sales presentation that was augmented by lots of free alcohol (a bar in the sales office and champagne on several of the property tour stops) and unfortunately signed for a $45,000 membership in the club, paid in full by credit card. The application for the Bank of America credit card was provided by the sales person, faxed in by them and opened, with a full charge of $45,000. During the sales presentation, Bank of America was mentioned several times, and the credit applications given were also Bank of America, the bank’s logo is also on the landing page of the Lifestyle Holidays Web site.

    The next morning we woke to reality and requested a cancellation, only to be met with aggressive sales and increasing “benefits” of membership offered. By the way, our assigned customer service representative cannot get us back into the resort due to full capacity for over a full calendar year, even if we wanted to go. We returned home on March 30th and immediately contacted Bank of America, who advised us to send a cancellation request via certified mail. I did that and also sent an email that was acknowledged by Lifestyles that same day.

    After communication from us daily requesting an update of our cancellation request, we were finally told on April 8th that the escrow company associated with Lifestyles has declined our cancellation request, and our only option would be to re-finance 50 percent of the original cost with them at 0 percent interest. We again declined and requested cancellation. We continued communication with Bank of America and once we received the final denial of refund from Lifestyles, a credit dispute was opened for investigation, but of course no promises are made for the final outcome.


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    Re: Vacation stories

    Seriously, that totally sucks that you were shanghaied by such thieves.


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      Re: Vacation stories

      How drunk exactly? :o


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        Re: Vacation stories

        So you make $45,000 decisions?