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Need Help with art/creativity... please

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  • Need Help with art/creativity... please

    If any of you play you already are familiar with the maps. We need a good one of the Universityand could include Spots like the Wheel, etc.

    I have NO artistic talent so It is a hopeless task for me.

    And if you want, sign up and post your name here and there are quite a few Jayhawks that will invite you to games over there. It's a lot like the old risk board game, but even better.

    Rock Chalk.

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    Re: Need Help with art/creativity... please

    It's an interesting concept-- how many people do you typically have in a game?


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      Re: Need Help with art/creativity... please

      Right now we are going with 6 - two teams of three, but we often go with 3 teams of three and several times 12 people in a game, teams or individual.

      When you get back from Asia I would love it if I could email or pm you a rough draft of what I am thinking about, plus some examples of existing game maps. Hope you join us as a player on It's fun and takes the stress away from the workday, if you play with the right people.

      One of the best things about playing with this group of Jayhawks is that we switch teams around every game, and no one gets pissy if they lose. And the games go fast compared to some of the public games where you get a turn once every week. In our games they are often over with in a week, or two.

      Sometimes in only a couple of days if beakum, lomax hoopshooter or spike are on their games..... :)

      YOU could be the next superstar. Sign up, dammit.