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  • Government Agency Fails Citizen

    Fucking post office...we move into a new place in September, and the Post Office tells us we can't have mail delivered to the house because the box is attached to the house. They'll only deliver it if we have a curbside mailbox.

    So we bug the hell out of our landlord, who bitches about it, and he gets one put in.

    What happens? On days like today (windy/kind of rainy) the bastards put the mail in the box attached to the house...which has no top. They also fail to collect the mail, which has been left in the curbside mailbox with the flag up.

    Now I could give two shits if they decide they're going to use the box attached to the house, but don't threaten my mail delivery because we don't have the fucking curbside box and then refuse to use it.

    I hate this town.