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  • This thread is for JHAWKjason

    Tell us about your bar owner friend


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    Re: This thread is for JHAWKjason

    I assume you mean the one we spoke about briefly today in chat. Well, his grandfather owns the largest sausage company in Chicago.

    Yes, his grandfather is Abe Froman, figuratively speaking.

    My friend is a big gangster wanna-be type. He acts and talks like Sonny and has more suits than Frank Sinatra. That said, he's the antithesis of Ol Blue Eyes and RARELY gets any ass. It's pretty impressive, actually.

    His father owns a bunch of Culver's franchises:

    Stay away from their shakes, they will make you into a blimp.

    We will call him Degock (Dego/polock mixture). Degock and Polock, both old friends of mine, bought a bar a few years ago right next to Wrigley Field. I was very disappointed as I lived and still live in Dallas, the worst fucking city in the world but I regress. Naturally, they do very well in terms of cash flow and, surprisingly, find a way to make money when baseball season is not going on. A year in, Polock hires a girl, we'll call her Florida, to be a waitress at the bar.

    This is not her, but the middle one's nose looks like Florida's. Does the one on the left look like a man to you?

    Florida gets drunk on night one and starts to hit on Polock (who is Polish) and he tells her he has a girl friend. Then she proceeds to take her shirt off and let everyone take body shots off of her. This was around 3a.m., so she's classy because she did it after everyone left except bar staff. At the end of the night, her and Degock go home together.

    Fast forward ten months.

    I come home to see my good buddies and introduce Post-It to the crew. Degock introduces Florida to me as his girlfriend and I think nothing of it, other than it's pretty trashy to date the help.

    Fast forward to now.

    Just heard that Degock isn't just dating the help, he's MARRYING the help.