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The 10th Inning Burns

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  • The 10th Inning Burns

    I watched it a second time to make sure I had a sense of where it ended.

    What a grand display of idiocy. It tries to talk about steroids and PEDs in real ways. Instead it ends with a celebration of sport/baseball.

    I am pissed at the boomers, stop fucking with the world, admit that you were wrong, that modernism was wrong. Stop creating a world in which your moral relativity can be justified.

    You were wrong, you created a system which has been proven to have been tainted.

    At some point, I'd like them to say they fucked up. Instead they/Burns just talk about how history/baseball is so grand that any problem can be whitewashed away.

    You were wrong. SAY IT WITH ME. You were wrong.

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    Re: The 10th Inning Burns

    I'll tell you what's wrong, fuckface. An Emilio Estevez avatar, that's what. Now go fuck your dog.


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      Re: The 10th Inning Burns

      1) What I do with my dog is my own business.
      2) Emilio Estevez would kick your ass.


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        Re: The 10th Inning Burns

        Is there some sort of underlying hostility btwn Hoopo and Vorsk?


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          Re: The 10th Inning Burns

          Not that I'm aware of, but I am willing to create some. Would they send us some place special for that?

          Perhaps he is still angry about Young Guns 2.


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            Re: The 10th Inning Burns

            FWIW, I'm fully on board with blaming the Boomers for all of the world's problems.