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Waving the Write: Secession

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    Our cast of characters –

    [img width=600 height=400][/img]

    [img width=600 height=400][/img]

    [img width=600 height=400][/img]

    Wheatie: WebCzar—I wish to bring to your attention several grievances. First and foremost, I’ve been noticing some Trojan horse attacks from ads running on your site. It would have been nice to have some warning or at least some attempt to remove the offending ads. Second, I’ve had noticed some inconsistencies in the moderation of political and social views in the forum. Third, I’ve noticed that moderation of certain posters is more lenient than others. Fourth, the insider services I’ve paid for have been falling short of other pay sites and even twitter.

    WebCzar: …

    Wheatie: WebCzar, are you there?

    WebCzar: …

    Wheatie: Very well, I guess I’ll just post my grievances in the forum. There we go. Wait, what the fuck? Why were my posts deleted?

    WebCzar: *You have received a temporary ban from StoutSports*

    Wheatie: WebCzar, why were my posts deleted and why was I banned?

    WebCzar: You know what you did.

    Wheatie: No, I don’t. I posted legitimate concerns on the health of the forum. I don’t see how that is a bannable offense.

    WebCzar: If you don’t like the way we run things here, you can always leave. The only reason you’re still around is because you have paid for insider services.

    Wheatie: That’s a pretty shitty attitude to have towards customer service. You do realize that if don’t listen to the demands of your customers, they will go else where, right?

    WebCzar: If you’re so worried about the customer service here, why don’t you make your own board and see how easy it is?

    Wheatie: Maybe I will…

    *30 days later*

    Wheatie: WebCzar, my fellow posters and I feel that it is time for a split. It’s obvious that we’ve outgrown each other. Your lack of flexibility and inconsistent censorship has brought this about. Remember the name, because it was really you that created it.

    WebCzar: Fellow posters? You mean your socks? You’ll pay dearly for this insurrection! Quackers, are the banhammer units ready?

    Quackers: Yes, my liege.

    WebCzar: Good. Let’s see who the turd is now?

    Wheatie: WTF? I don’t have any socks!

    WebCzar: EX-TERM-I-NATE!

    And the rest is history.

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    Re: Waving the Write: Secession

    wish there would have been more success...I know we've got some talented people here


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      Re: Waving the Write: Secession

      A two vote win over a blank entry? I'll take it. :cheers