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  • Personal VM

    I get it, it's necessary for work/professional purposes

    But honestly, I never listen to my personal messages, I just delete them and call people back

    Daniel Tosh did a pretty funny bit on it that I can't do justice, BUT you should look it's good stuff

    what's your philosophy?

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    Re: Personal VM

    Last night on Weeds, the mom called the kid and his voicemail said, "If you are going to leave a message rather than just texting me, you must be old and if your old and calling me you must be mom. So go ahead and leave a message mom....(beeb)"

    I chuckled.


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      Re: Personal VM

      I hate people that call me back because they saw the caller I'd. I operate under the school of thought that says if it is important they will leave a message so if I don't leave you a message I really did not need to speak to you so don't call me back.


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        Re: Personal VM

        How about a text?

        I use the line "hey, on the phone with XXXXX, what's up"

        all the time


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          Re: Personal VM

          I think I've mentioned this before on iPhone vm is all jacked up and people can't leave messages. I know it's an easy fix but quite honestly, I like not having to deal with vms. It's been almost a year since I've had this issue but I still haven't bothered to fix it. All my good friends know I will call them right back if I see they've called....and if it's that important they just txt me.

          To make matters worse (better), I don't even know how to access my landline vm. We moved a few months and got a new phone service. I still haven't bothered to set up the vm account (which is really not a big deal b/c hardly anyone uses that least not anybody of importance).