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WtW movie script opportunity

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  • WtW movie script opportunity

    Over a Sunday afternoon nap my subconscience gave birth to a movie idea that can only be described as Wedding Crashers meets The Hangover, only it takes place in (get this) Europe. It involves a runaway bride, two 30-something friends (Owen Wilson was already in the cast - I'd prefer to stay away from Vince Vaughn for the second), and a 7 year-old nephew (or maybe it was a son from a previous marriage/relationship). Imagine the hijinks that might take place as this four-some travel via plane and train over some of the most famous cities in Europe. Paris and Rome must be destinations, as one of the two naturally must fall for the runaway bride.

    I figure that Hollywood turns out crap like this every year, so it's as good as green-lit. We just need to come up with a few more details, maybe a rough script, and I figure that we'll all be millionaires before long. I retain all rights to the "original" idea.

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    Re: WtW movie script opportunity

    I'll take key grip

    oh, and your di-rec-torrrrrrr